If poverty limits the opportunities available to our young people, what does it mean for their parents, who raise families in a community still struggling to recover from the Great Recession? Adult Learning opportunities at Waukegan Public Library use literacy-based instruction and tutoring to address the functional and cultural needs of adult learners.

Why Adult Learning?

A 2013 United Way of Lake County survey showed that 29.3% of residents over 25 years of age do not have a high school diploma or GED. And in over half of the homes in Waukegan, the primary language is not English. Low literacy, whether it's functional literacy, digital literacy, or facility with the English language, limits adults' employment and educational opportunities. As a not-for-profit civic organization supported by public funding and private donations, the Library is uniquely situated to address these issues.

Adult Learning Services

The Library's broad spectrum of adult learning opportunities ranges from Conversational ESL to financial literacy to cultural events and book talks. Through its Adult Basic Education tutoring program, the Library matches adult learners with volunteer tutors who work on the basic skills necessary to move forward. The Families Learning Together program allows adult learners to work on their skills or attend classes while their children participate in fun, educational early-learning activities. To learn more about adult learning opportunities at Waukegan Public Library, click here.