Achievement in school depends on many factors: cumulative learning, problem solving, and creativity. But grade-level reading is perhaps the key to all: in third grade, children are no longer learning to read, they are reading to learn. Waukegan Public Library's After School Learning Center targets the development of skills through tutoring, homework help, mentoring, and classes in a fun learning environment. STREAM classes - Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, Art, Math - ensure that children's after school experiences are just as exciting and varied as they are educational.

Why grade-level reading?

A 2012 United Way of Lake County survey of 23 classes of third graders across seven district elementary schools showed that 59% of students surveyed were not reading at grade level. Because reading for learning is important for children in grade three and above, students who do not read at grade level aren't just struggling in reading, they're struggling in all their other classes as well. And when curriculum is cumulative, where knowledge from one year is the foundation for the next, this skill gap is only amplified as time goes on.

Grade-level Services

Waukegan Public Library offers rich and varied programming for children in grades 3-8. Children are encouraged to develop problem solving and critical thinking skills through art, engineering, and science classes. Homework help offers children a free, almost daily after school resource where tutors spot potential problems and fill skill gaps using the child's own assignments. Reading is encouraged as a corollary to all hands-on activities, and through a fun and engaging summer reading program.