Creating a culture of learning among our patrons will have a broader influence on our local economy. Literacy is the first step towards a new life. Waukegan Public Library is committed to supporting our patrons’ path to success, meeting them where they are and guiding them to new growth and achievement.

Literacy 2020

To activate the community and move it towards the Board’s vision, the Library developed a five year targeted goal: to produce measurable gains for Library learners by the 2020 fiscal year. To carry out this plan to impact patrons’ overall literacy, the Library established four strategic areas of impact, approved by the board in 2014: kindergarten readiness; grade-level reading; college and career readiness; adult learning. The Library will work to achieve this broad goal with an outcomes-driven approach. The Library outcomes are defined by Learning Centers designed to deliver appropriate instruction to target the four impact areas. Often, Learning Centers will incorporate defined, measurable outcomes for multiple impact areas.